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There are a number of commercial scheduling systems on the market that allow you to plan your production, on a single powerful PC, or on a group of such PCs. Jobspan takes the next step in allowing the scheduling process to be viewed and controlled from any browser enabled PC within your business.

This means that the current schedule can be viewed by anybody, who has permission, within the company. Different employees can see only parts of the schedule relevant to their own department. The job planners can control the schedule from their own PC, but when necessary make changes from anywhere in the building, or from home.

Jobspan is a browser based scheduling system that allows you to plan production of a particular job across a number of machines, stages or processes. Having planned the job you can then produce job sheets for each of the processes, which can be distributed to shop floor personnel, Finally you can track the job as it passes through the various production processes.

A new demonstration system has just been made available at

Planninng Board

An electronic planning board provides the main view of the current plan. It allows you to move job stages from one machine or process to another, allowing the knowledge within your staff to be used to produce an optimal plan. You can view the plan either horizontally or vertically and at scales from a few minutes to many days.

The planning board view can be customised to show only parts of the plan to some users, hiding detail of other departments that are not relevant. This customisation can be extended to the planning process itself, allowing planners to work on the passage of jobs through the stages within their own department.

Job Entry

Jobspan can pick up job data from your existing SQL database, and uses a few additional tables within this database to hold its own schedule information. No separate data import of export processes are required as the system can pick the relevant information directly from your own data tables.

Job Tracking

You can track the process of a job through your factory by marking the job as it passes specific stages. These stages, defined by you, can be linked to specific colour coding on the planning board.